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8 Best Handheld Massager Of 2021


Instead of having to try to change your head or worry about losing the accessories. One side of the massager has a roller while the other has a vibrating pad. The Panasonic EV2510K is an excellent portable massager that can easily provide a relaxing and relaxing massage. This Thumper massager is not very portable because it is based on a sturdy DC motor, but the cable allows you to enjoy a powerful and powerful massage constantly. The four cordless massagers needed to be charged; all were charged in two hours.

hand held massager reviews

Whether you’re a gym bunny or a non-exerciser, don’t we all get muscle aches and pains from time to time? These handheld massagers really are very effective in treating muscle issues and providing pain relief. Handheld massagers are some of those products that we cannot do without. They are used for both gentle massage and also deep tissue massage that delivers comfort. There are various brands that you can select from based on the features that you want. The products listed below are the best handheld massagers, feel free to check them out.

The 7 Best Handheld & Personal Massagers

This is adequate power to dig deep into muscles to work out the kinks, relieve tension and even break apart scar tissue. The rapid pulsations delivered from a percussion massager will soften stiff muscle tissue, and you can target extremely sore muscles by working the surrounding tissue. Eventually, softening and soothing the surrounding tissue will have a relaxing, soothing impact on the sore, overworked muscle.

The ultra-quiet massage gun also comes with a nifty tote for storage and travel. The Wahl deep tissue handheld massager is a serious option to consider if you’re looking forward to purchase a massage tool for daily use. We all know how bad muscle pain can be, especially if it’s located in the back or in the neck areas. Sore muscles in the neck area can turn to headaches, and this is not a pleasant scenario to be in. This is why having a hand held massager you can use on your own is a great way to improve your well-being. The Viktor Jurgen hand held massager comes with three different massage heads, the intensive massager, the deep tissue massager and the circular massager.

Fibromyalgia: How Pain Management Doctors Can Help Patients Find Some Relief

If you’re looking for a reliable percussive massager, the Thumper E501 Sport is a great option. The device uses advanced massage nodes to penetrate deep into your muscles to relieve tension at the source. Use the device on your neck and back to relieve chronic pain and ease stress after a long day at work. The higher power settings felt great when I wasn’t sore, but didn’t hurt tender muscles, either — a perfect combo in my book. Like many other massagers, the Achedaway Pro comes with multiple head attachments for massaging different muscle groups.

It’s designed with four outputs and eight pads to be directly applied on the skin using electrotherapy known as a TENS unit. Who knew this simple Massage Roller Ball by Vive can be the comfort you need? Two come with each purchase and the handheld balls can be used together hand held massager reviews or kept in separate spots for rapid, on-the-go relief. “Each charge provides up to three hours of use, so you don’t need to worry about it giving out on you mid-massage.” It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

Best Handheld Back Massager Reviews Consumer Reports:

This latex-free, hypoallergenic product won’t irritate your skin and is durable as it’s made from high-quality resin that won’t crack no matter how much pressure you put on it. The roller balls glide smoothly on bare skin or clothing leaving you with an effective and soothing massage. The massager has two small and large nodes you can customize to rotate in any direction you’d like. They can be controlled to rotate in or out and of course, there’s a heated massage option. You’ll be able to regularly get a deep-kneading Shiatsu-style massage every time you use this machine. “Takes away pain by sending tiny currents of electricity into your muscles, telling your brain to relieve the tension.”

hand held massager reviews

Even though this is considered to be budget-friendly, the quality is exceptional. This showerhead is extremely easy to install, and only requires a few minutes of your time before you can use it to suit your needs. One of the best things you can do to make the most of a handheld massager is to use it in conjunction with stretching right after your workouts. The cost of the massager has been praised, with a number of people pointing out that it costs much less than many equivalent devices, while still offering a high level of service.


Your sessions should also be shorter to start than they would be if you’ve already been using a back massager for a while. Try massages of just 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the length of time for each massage until they are at a length you feel it’s effective. It’s well-suited for reaching all parts of the body, from head to toe.

The Medi-Rub 2000 Plus features a special two-handed design that makes it an excellent option if you want to give a massage to someone else or have someone give you a massage. The device has a powerful 2-speed motor that can help relieve tension and stress after a few short sessions. All you have to do to keep it in tip-top shape is clean off the exterior. One of the best handheld massagers made by Panasonic, the EV2510K is an excellent addition to any home spa. The Panasonic offers a thorough massage that will help relieve stress and improve your health overall. The special massage rollers make it easy to give yourself a massage from almost any position.

The accupoint massage head is great when you need to reach the deeper parts of your back muscles. Wherever you feel a concentrated area of pressure, this head proves to be a great reliever. Last but not least, you get the flat disc massage, ideal for larger surfaces that you might want to cover, such as the back or the quadriceps. The Naipo Shiatsu back and neck massager is a great accessory to have around, if you’re looking forward to wind down after a long day at work.

  • He is a self-confessed “fitness freak”, currently spending his time blogging and training for a marathon.
  • The major difference we discerned between the two is that Mighty Bliss’s lower intensity tends to make the attachment bounce, so we had to keep the intensity level at medium-to-high at all times.
  • People who are serious about their training will find the Vybe very useful, but it’s not the massage gun most people will want.
  • The infrared ray gives you a heat therapy and is extremely beneficial for those suffering from blood gas.
  • The Professional Vibrating Peanut Massager by Rolling With It is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device.
  • The first level is also quite manageable for beginners or those with very sore muscles, which is ideal for people who prefer gentler massages.
  • Moreover, you can move the nodes up and down to have the intensity that you prefer.
  • Hyperice’s original massage gun is still good, but I’d personally spend the extra $50 to get the Hypervolt Plus if this was the brand I was after.
  • The device’s frame is made from high-impact metal that won’t bend or break after years of massage sessions.
  • And hence, it is absolutely vital for you to first know your specific requirements before buying a handheld massager.

Overall, it’s clear that Zyllion has thought of everything and optimized every feature in its newest ZMA-27 handheld massager to help you recover faster and perform at your peak. The Zyllion is incredibly easy to use and effective at targeting kinks to ensure a smooth and safe workout. Simply point, shoot, and relax and the powerful massager beats sore muscles into submission. The Renpho hand held massager is a great way to improve your both your physical and mental health.

The Benefits Of Percussion Massage Therapy

Each of them addresses different types of stress and aches, allowing you to enjoy a full experience over the course of the routine. Sometimes, your lower back might feel tense and achy, while other times, you might want to improve blood flow in your feet. This HoMedics action muscle point percussion massager is one of the lightest and portable handheld massager featuring heat massage in the markets.

Spa days are great as they allow you to recharge for the days and months ahead. However, going to the spa on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis is hard to do whether that be because of busy schedules, or the high costs that it would incur. Having your own personal massager, now this is an excellent alternative, and the Arealer Cordless Hand Held Massager is a great option. It can be used for soothing aching muscles and also help in boosting blood circulation in areas. You will definitely get value for your money when you buy this unit. The user is able to enjoy different speeds due to the different settings provided.

It is easy to hold and has an extendable and adjustable arm to adapt to many positions. This compact device can be used on both small and large areas of the body. It is even TSA-approved, so it can be tossed into a carry-on bag for those long-haul flights. It is held in the hand with the use of a strap and must be applied directly to the skin to give a deep and satisfying massage on the scalp. You can completely customize your massage to be as relaxing or powerful as necessary.

hand held massager reviews

People might feel uncomfortable or shy in dictating their required intensity to a masseur. Hence, with a handheld massager, they can choose whatever intensity they most prefer. It is a cordless handheld massager with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Other Handheld Massagers We Tested

If you’re hunched over a desk all day, the Thumper is a great way to stretch out your muscles during your break. It’s a good idea to have a portable massager with you if you need a massage on the go. While it’s true that a massage can treat aches and soreness effectively, not many people know that a massage can offer a variety of other health benefits.

Composed of polyester, it reaches a maximum temperature of 124°F. This handheld massager is really easy to use and also portable enough for you to take with you wherever you go or just keep at home, stored away safely. When compared to the other hand massagers on the list, this one is slightly less expensive.

Those awkward devices rarely provided any actual relief from pain and soreness, and they were more of a Brookstone novelty than a genuine massage tool. Theragun delivered a major upgrade to regular handheld massagers with more precise, concentrated functionality. They consist of a ball head that rapidly massages your muscles in what’s called percussive therapy (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt), but sometimes utilizes a rubbing motion as well. Long-term massage therapy is expensive, and the majority of Amazon reviewers of handheld massagers were seeking a lower-cost option for treating muscle fatigue and stress. Besides these four distinct massage heads you can use, the Wahl hand held massager also comes with variable intensity settings. This way, you may enjoy a softer massage, better for the beginning of the session, and you can work your way up to more intense settings, designed to really take the tension out of your muscles.

hand held massager reviews

In order to narrow down the options, we used personal experiences plus recommendations from other trainers and instructors. The staff authors have a wide and varied background as trainers, health coaches and fitness experts. The authors have decades of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with readers. With so many options available, the authors narrowed down the selections by using products they felt were the best value for the money. If you need a variety of functions or the ability to use your massager for several different body areas, be sure to select a model that offers the versatility you require.

The most important component of any massage gun is power, which is measured in rotations per minutes . Zyllion’s handheld massager clocks in at 5,000 RPM, which is the most powerful on the market. It truly feels like an at-home deep tissue massage, effectively increasing blood flow to relieve muscle pain in seconds. Trigger point massage is known for targeting a specific muscle, tendon or sore spot and easing tension through targeted pressure. Trigger point foam rollers are known for mimicking this massage therapy at home, and this massage gun is no different.